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Explore-integrations reference

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Acquisition notice

In October 2022, ServiceNow acquired Era Software. The documentation on this site is no longer maintained and is intended for existing Era Software users only.

To get the latest information about ServiceNow's observability solutions, visit their website and documentation.

This page lists integrations for exploring and working with data in EraSearch. See the sections below for descriptions, sample configurations, and links to setup documentation.

For integrations that help you write data to EraSearch, visit Write-integrations reference.

EraSearch UI

Use the EraSearch UI to view, explore, and query your data. This integration comes with EraSearch on EraCloud.

For how to access and use the UI, visit Exploring data in EraSearch's UI.


Use Grafana to visualize and monitor your data in EraSearch. This integration works with EraSearch on EraCloud and self-hosted EraSearch.

Visit Connecting EraSearch to Grafana for setup steps.


Monitor and act on data by sending EraSearch alerts to Slack. This integration works with EraSearch on EraCloud.

Visit Alerting with Slack for setup steps.


Use webhooks to send EraSearch alerts to any application over HTTP. This integration works with EraSearch on EraCloud.

Setting up webhooks in EraSearch

The steps below show how to add webhook notification channels to EraSearch. See Alerting with Slack for more in-depth information about configuring notification channels and alerts in EraSearch.

  1. Visit your EraCloud account and click bell icon.
  2. Click + Add channel and fill out the form, including the webhook URL.
  3. Click Test channel to get a sample alert, and Save channel to enable the notification channel.

Last update: August 7, 2023