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3. Query data

Estimated time to read: 2 minutes

With EraSearch, you can query data with the EraSearch REST API or EraSearch's UI. This page covers how to view and query data in the UI.

Access EraSearch's UI

To start, access the UI by visiting your EraCloud account and clicking search icon. By default, the UI displays all data written in the past 15 minutes.

If you wrote the sample data to your database, your UI looks like the screenshot below. It shows the three documents and their timestamps.

EraSearch UI with sample data

Query data in the UI

EraSearch supports most of Elasticsearch's query-string syntax. You can use the same syntax to query data based on keywords, ranges, booleans, and wildcards.

For example, to view only documents where the _line field includes the word forest, enter this query in the UI search box:


The UI returns the one document matching your search criteria. Click the returned document to get more information about your data.

Next steps

Congrats! You’ve completed the EraSearch getting started series. Next, visit the write-integrations reference to see how to get real-time data into your database.

To learn more about exploring, querying, and visualizing your data in EraSearch, visit these pages:

Last update: January 24, 2023